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Pandemic stress and anxiety for moms. Can cannabis help you during this time?

This pandemic affected my mind in a way I didn’t anticipate. I’m no stranger to anxiety. It’s something I’ve learned to manage over the years with therapy and many other tools. Cannabis has been one of my go to tools to help. Along with exercise, gardening, meditation, therapy and even sex.

During this coronavirus pandemic a new anxious state entered my life. Fear became my home. I like most people did all I could to protect my family from the “virus.”  Or so it seemed. But what I found beyond the data and knowledge of real deaths and cases was that my spirit was dying. Not because of having to #stayathome but because my connections…the very essence of who I am were severed. I talked to so many moms during this time. All freaking out. All overwhelmed. All feeling guilty about the responsibilities that can’t be ignored. Oh how I truly get it!

Cannabis is a tool that can help you find the mental space to get to the next tool, treatment or minute of the day.

Let’s be real. I’m homeschooling, entertaining my 5 year old and cooking/cleaning all day. Trying to nurture my marriage. Healing from a shoulder and neck injury all while trying to make sure no one catches the coronavirus. I’ve cried out of the sheer exhaustion of not being able to manage it all.

My self love and self care were not a priority at the end of these days. Which seemed like the longest days of my life. Some days I hide in the bathroom to get a little break. Some days I let my daughter watch her ipad for the entire day because I just didn’t have the energy to muster up for one more activity or game. We had deaths in our family that shook us to the core and then depression set it. I’d get my daughter to bed and fall into zombie mode. Snack. Sit in a robe on the couch. Binge watch something. Wake up with the TV watching me. Crawl to bed. Repeat.

There are wins don’t get me wrong the cuddles, giggles, uninterrupted days of getting to really know each other they’ve been beyond amazing. Playing in the garden, enjoying the slower pace of no place to go. But my goals, dreams and plans they’re all in this endless limbo dance. Speaking engagements canceled or turned upside down last minute, a 5 year old who should be excited about kindergarten but there is no plan and none of the normal “new school” excitement just an endless string of disappointments. Disappointments which at this age mama and daddy have to manage and help make sense of it all because how do you explain to a 5 year old that she can’t see her friends from school she’s been with for 3 years. This is her eco-system, her family and safe routine/structure where she had been thriving for 3 years.

I heard from many of my friends and clients things like I was just starting to get a handle on xyz, I had so many plans for this year, I just started (insert new venture or thing) and collectively we all became sucked into limbo. Many of us took the days as a blessing “thank God we are healthy and don’t have the virus” but our souls didn’t attach to this comfort. Others suffered and continue to suffer financial and personal losses unimaginable.

I spoke to many moms struggling with anxiety and depression during this time. For many including myself, cannabis is a tool to help us emerge from these dark places. Cannabis was my friend when:

. I was too tired to get on the floor and play another 5 minutes of Anna and Elsa 

.When I needed to laugh and just release

.When I needed to cry and connect with my soul

.On those nights when @dnice helped my husband and I reconnect on our kitchen dance floor and vibe out

.When my anxiety hit the roof the first day out at the store with a mask

.When the dishes needed to be done or another meal had to be made…there was that serotonin boost that helped me with just one more stretch.

Did the depression or anxiety go away? Not entirely. Mostly because the situation still exists. But wouldn’t you prefer less depression vs more. Cannabis is a tool that can help you find the mental space to get to the next tool, treatment or minute of the day. I have struggled but not like I would have without plant medicine.

As we navigate the unknowns, I’m still working on helping moms and families tap into the power of cannabis for health and wellness, albeit at a slower pace as we juggle the day to day. Join us over in our family friendly cannabis community. Where my husband and I share our life, provide cannabis insights and a safe supportive community to help you learn about cannabis.

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