Cannabis and Weight loss

Cannabis for weight loss has been one of the most asked questions as a cannabis nurse. While there are many benefits of cannabis it’s hard to imagine that a plant known for its “munchies” or appetite increasing effects could help with losing weight. After reviewing the data  and evidence; the hype is very promising.

Weight loss with cannabis was found to be a common side affect in studies of obese mice. While mice and humans are very different; after a long review of the research, I decided to try my hand at asking other cannabis users if they had seen weight loss as a result of using cannabis. The results were definitely not surprising as people began to reveal themselves. I had personally experienced weight loss while using cannabis for pain and anxiety following a shoulder injury. How much weight loss exactly? 40lbs.

The research shows that there are some strains which help with appetite suppression and can prime our fasting insulin levels to help us burn sugars more efficiently. How exactly it works is still undergoing research but here’s what we have. Cannabis strains high in THCV a cannabinoid that is a precursor to THC found in strains such as: Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Willie Nelson and Skunk #1 have shown promise according to Additionally strains with the following terpene profiles can also help Humelene appears to suppress appetite 

According to a 2011 study in the Journal of Epidemiology “people using cannabis are less likely to be obese than people who do not use cannabis. In other countries such as Poland, Italy and Canada there was “a correlation between cannabis use and reduction of BMI.” 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Cannabis Nurse, Meg Rome a fellow Registered Nurse and yogi who also experienced the power of health and wellness through cannabis. We talked weight loss but also the power of integrating cannabis and other tools to help us achieve balance and ultimately a greater wellness in our lives. Don’t miss the next live. 

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Studies Show Cannabis Helps With Weight Loss, Lowers Obesity

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