Cannabis and Postpartum Depression

Episode 2: Cannabis and Postpartum Depression

On this episode we will be discussing a personal cannabis story. As the resident nurse here at the Kush Nurse, Sandra Guynes shares her personal journey of anxiety, depression, pain and ultimately her journey to cannabis medicine.

In this episode, we talk about postpartum depression and cannabis.

Here are some great resources if cannabis is a medical option you would like to explore during postpartum and beyond.

  1. PROJECT CBD – Cannabis Use During Pregnancy: Is it safe?
    Dr. Stacey Kerr discusses the controversial topic of cannabis use during pregnancy and gives highlights from her clinical experience with expecting mothers.
  2. AAP News – “What we’re saying is that we’re concerned about marijuana exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding because there may be some adverse neurologic outcomes,” said Dr. O’Connor, a member of the AAP Section on Breastfeeding. “But at this point, we’re not saying, ‘no you can’t breastfeed’ because there are so many positive effects of breastfeeding on both the mother and baby.”
  3. How states handle use during pregnancy
  4. Two studies conducted – Jamaican mothers who used cannabis and the outcomes following their children 5 years later.
  • Important considerations:
  • Know and follow your state laws. NORML is a great website to get updates on what the current laws are related to your state. In legal states, discuss cannabis treatment with your provider. In states where cannabis is illegal, mothers should find alternative treatment options to cannabis.
  • Know your hospital and provider policy. Understand that a positive THC result in a newborn or child can result in CPS involvement, possible mandatory court ordered classes and risks for child neglect and abuse changes as well as removal of the child or children from the home.

There is so much necessary research needed to fully understand how cannabis works. Legalization and rescheduling of cannabis will allow for clinical trials to help us better grasp the benefits and risks associated with cannabis.

If you choose cannabis:

1. Be clear about why you are using it and re-evaluate those reasons each time
2. Avoid smoking – vaporize herb or use non-smoked products from trusted sources
3. Use organic herb and concentrates that are clear of chemicals and pesticides
4. Be aware of the cannabinoid content and microdose medicine to efficacy
5. Keep your children safe from accidental or passive exposure
Avoid dabs, oils, and edibles with unknown content

– Dr. Stacey Kerr


A mother, retired navy wife and entrepreneur, Sandra Guynes MSN, RN has been a nurse for 15 years. A long time advocate, educator and provider of holistic health to mothers and babies. Her range of practical-clinical experience ranges from public health nursing, maternity and neonatal populations and as case manager of the chronically ill and high risk mothers and infants. 

Sandra has taught across all levels of nursing in the traditional, online, and hybrid classroom settings at Hampton University, Fortis College and Carolinas College of Health Sciences. Sandra is an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Through the Kush Nurse and Soul Canna Life brands; Sandra provides classes on the Endocannabinoid System, Patient Navigation and advocates for patients in her community through 1:1 consultations or lifestyle centered workshops. Her focus is family centered care and helping parents navigate medical cannabis; specifically women in the postpartum period and beyond. 

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