My philosophy

Trust the data. Trust the science. Cannabis is medicine and I’m here to talk about it. To walk you through it. Also like a good nurse it’s important that we have an understanding:

Cannabis works best when we use it as a tool and when aligned with lifestyle and wellness practices. We can’t substitute cannabis in lieu of talking to a therapist, lifestyle change, nutrition, and/or maintaining our wellness through doctors visits, recommended treatments or alternative medicines.

The Kush Nurse is focused on family centered care and helping parents navigate medical cannabis; specifically women in the postpartum period and beyond. Anxiety, depression, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions in today’s parents are key factors that left untreated put our children and our children’s children at risk.

My Experience

Kush Nurse, Sandra Guynes shares her personal journey of anxiety, depression, pain and ultimately her journey to cannabis medicine.

A mother, retired navy wife and entrepreneur, Sandra Guynes MSN, RN has been a nurse for 15 years. A long time advocate, educator and provider of holistic health to mothers and babies. Her range of practical-clinical experience ranges from public health nursing, maternity and neonatal populations and as case manager of the chronically ill and high risk mothers and infants.

Sandra has taught across all levels of nursing in the traditional, online, and hybrid classroom settings at Hampton University, Fortis College and Carolinas College of Health Sciences. Along with Ivory Rosenthal-Davis, Sandra founded the Cannabis Nurses of Color Connect (CNOC). An group focused on Sandra is an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Minority Cannabis Business Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network. She has completed training as a Nurse Consultant with Cansoom, the Medical Cannabis Nurse Curriculum from The Cannabis Medical Institute and countless hours of medical marijuana courses and training.

Through the Kush Nurse and Soul Canna Life brands; Sandra provides classes on the Endocannabinoid System, Navigating Cannabis for Health and Wellness and advocates for patients in her community through 1:1 consultations or lifestyle centered workshops.

My Story

Everyone comes to their cannabis journey differently. For me it was through postpartum depression. After the baby blues became to much to bear I went to see my doctor.

The regime of pills made it impossible to truly manage my life. I hated the repercussions of the side effects and every positive, in my opinion, had a negative along with it.

I couldn’t parent effectively, take care of my own needs or be present for my family. I stayed home and struggled with depression and anxiety. At times I felt like I was drowning. I heard other moms telling me it’s okay to feel exhausted and parenting is exhausting but this was much more. Yes. I did take the medications prescribed but then I wanted my life back.

I found cannabis after a long period of research. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t just find what I needed right away. It was lots of trial and errors.

In the initial phases I wasted money on products that didn’t work. I was also afraid of the stigma of cannabis use and how it would be perceived by those closest to me.

Once I started to feel better my symptoms became almost non-existent. I wanted to help others learn about the benefits of cannabis. I opened up with friends and family. I was overwhelmed and surprised by the number of people interested in learning more. My inbox hasn’t stopped flooding with messages since and I’m so grateful to be a part of so much healing.

My goal with The Kush Nurse is to guide you, provide you resources and help those seeking to start their cannabis journey so they don’t make the same mistakes or deal with the stigma alone. With information you can decide if cannabis is the medicine for you.

Most importantly, I am here to educate about the complicated past of cannabis and why so many black and brown people have lost so much due to the punitive and unjust measures that have been a part of criminalizing marijuana.

Please take the time to read my philosophy on this page and see if we are a good fit. You may also schedule an appointment via the link below.

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With Gratitude,

Sandra Guynes MSN, RN